Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tykes on Trikes

We have been the lucky recipients of this gorgeous trike along with a vintage scooter and rusty red wheelbarrow. Just looking at these little treasures elicits sentimental notions that I am mostly bereft of. I imagine the little tykes on their trikes belting around the driveway in their embroidered shirts or smocked dresses. All that's left is to put that lovely trike somewhere where it can be looked at daily for a little dose of warm and fuzzy!

By the way, our Mrs. Dot Watson's Vintage Sale raised nearly $2,500, the profits from which support the programs of the Children's Protection Society. For an insight into their great work, check out the 7.30 program on the ABC this Friday 13th April.


Asa-Marie said...

Oh what a fantastic trike! It is sooo wonderful that you have managed such heights at your vintage sale - Congratulations!! I sure will be watching the show : )Thanks for the heads up.

I Love To Op Shop said...

Huge congratulations!! I'll be sharing on the page asking for people to watch out for it!

That trike is fab, Op Shop Jnr would be happy testing the pedals out !!

CPS Op Shop said...

Thanks so much guys! If it weren't for your blogs and Facebook pages, it wouldn't have been so successful. There's a lot of op shop love out there for sharing!! x Nicole.

Debby said...

What a great trike!