Saturday, 7 April 2012

Short 'n sweet at Doncare, Nth Blackburn

A quick scan through Doncare North Blackburn this week, and out I came with these few bits and bobs:

Retro Pyrex container - $3. Cos a girl can never have too much Pyrex. I like its squat shape. It's like the toad of the Pyrex world.

Makeup bag - $1.

Sequinned belt - $2. Have absolutely no idea why I bought this. I don't wear belts. I don't wear sequins. Yet I like!


Eleese said...
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Eleese said...

your right you can never have enough pyrex (soz i deleated my first comment major typo!)

Asa-Marie said...

No way that's my make up bag!! If you look at the zipper you will be pleased to find that it is Clinique. I bought mine from Blackburn Salvo's for $2 about 6 months ago I suppose, no signs of falling apart at all. Nice buy!

my thrifty closet said...

lovely thrifted items! I love Pyrex. I wish I have more space to keep more Pyrex!

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