Saturday, 15 January 2011

St Vinnies op shop Oakleigh open 7 days per week

Was just in the Oakleigh St Vinnies op shop, in Crewe Rd, when I overheard (and read the sign on the counter) that they are now open 7 days per week starting tomorrow.
Not sure if this is all St Vincent de Paul op shops or just the Oakleigh store, but the new opening hours at Oakleigh are Sunday 10am - 4pm.
They have rearranged the whole store layout in the past few months so if you haven't been for awhile drop in and have a look at the fab stock they have available.
A leaky roof in yesterdays heavy downpour saw the back room floor a little damp but no damage to stock and the hard working volunteers carried on, regardless.
Snaffled up some great jigsaw puzzles for my Aspie son, a bargain at $2, $3 and $4 each, audio book of Goosebumps on cassette tape and a few books.


Janelle aka AussieJ said...

Lucky you we have a lifeline store that is open 7days a week but only 9-12 on Sunday I think.The volunteers down there must be keen

Lyndel said...

Oh the competition in the area is pretty fierce with quite a few OpShops in close proximity. guess if they can get enough volunteers.

I think the Sacred Heart over at Glenferrie Road opens Sundays too.

secondhandrose said...

Thanks for the heads up! Never know when I will feel like a Sunday fix.

Anonymous said...

This is a catholic benefit store, don,t think they should open on the Sabbath.

deb1611 said...

YAY! Happy news! I love to oppy on Sundays.