Thursday, 27 January 2011

St John Of God Opshop new location

I visited the new premises with my opshop buddy Glenda, and we had a fun morning! The women working in the shop have a room at the back where they sort stuff and have their cuppas, and everyone in the shop can hear the conversations. Well! One lady was talking loudly about her experiences in looking for blokes on the internet. Was she doing it deliberately to keep the customers entertained? Glenda and I had to stop ourselves from laughing out loud!! I asked why they moved from the old house, and was told that it was condemned, and had to be demolished. The ladies were very cheesed off about it, and said most of their stock was in storage because there wasn't enough room in the new premises.

We bought some bits and pieces, went next door and had a coffee, then went back to the opshop for another scrounge! Here is what I bought:

Some lengths of lace for use in craft projects - $1 for the lot.

White tee-shirt $4. I've got several already, but this one had a nice lace insert around the neck.

Sleeveless top $2.

Wraparound skirt $3. At first I thought it was a length of patchwork fabric, and snapped it up because I love the elephants design. Then I saw the waistband and ties. I might still use it for patchwork though!

Silky (polyester) overblouse $1.


Jac said...

LOve that elephant print skirt Gina, very unique! :)

Fourth Daughter said...

It's nice to be able to have a giggle while you rummage! My friend and I had a laugh when we saw an op shop roster on a window a while ago... it was full of names like Mavis, Beryl, Shirley and so on, which made us laugh as they are such stereotypical grandma names (my gma was Shirley!).... anyway, I won't be surprised now if those names pop up on dating sites, haha...