Tuesday, 18 January 2011

School Holiday Op Shopping

I love Op Shopping in the School Holidays, as the shops seem to have lots of kids and teens finding wonderful things, and that always makes me happy.

Granddaughter and I ventured out yesterday  to find a few treasures, as she wanted more images for her Eleven of Hearts  blog.

First stop in Ashburton at the Community Services shop by the railway netted her a few 'hearts' and for me these 3 great Tea Towels.  I love Linen Tea towels and to find not ONE but THREE brand new ones was a real bonus.

puppies from the Guide Dog Association,  Wombats from the RSPCA, and autumn tone fruits from the Royal Horticultural Society UK.  a neat haul.

We then went across the road to St.Vinnies in Ashburton, and on to the RSPCA in East Burwood. Gr'daughter found more heart shapes, I just enjoyed the coffee !


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Don't you just love it! I found some lovely old ebridered linen at my local (St. Marks in Emerald)including an amazing 'linen' bag that hangs on a coathanger. One happy camper :)

Janelle aka AussieJ said...

Grandkids and I have fouund some great things these hols too.Its fun.My lot havnt started a real collection of anything but Dson is now collecting marbles and putting them in his treasure tin and another now has what she calls her treasures (small ornaments) 2 have been away so may have to give them an opshop fix when they get back lol Any excuse for me.

Moloko Soldon said...

They are very nice Tea-Towels!
School Holiday Op Shopping is very fun indeed.


Janelle aka AussieJ said...

Hi again I LOVE your blog and look forward to your posts.When I 1st found you I read all your posts in one sitting lol Stalker or what?