Monday, 31 January 2011

Op Shop Haul

Hi all,

First post on this blog but I've been reading it for ages.
Thought I'd start with my best op shop buy this summer (so far).
I was in Bright for a day and the op shop (the hospital oppy) had a great deal on....all the clothes you could stuff into a shopping bag for $5! I couldn't beleive it!!
I didn't even fill my bag!
This is my haul:

I managed to pile in: cookie monster t-shirt (which i now sleep in)
Some high waisted jeans which i cut into shorts
An amazingly warm big green cardi
A nice black 3/4 sleeve top
An orange v-neck top (valleygirl)
A white straight cut dress (looks great with a brown belt)
A black straight cut dress with detailing on the neck
An orange 3/4 top with lace edging on sleeves
a cute dress which didn't suit me in the end, so I gave to an op shop at home

For five bucks!
It was a great op shop, spacious with really nice volunteers and awesome prices (even without the sale). Check it out if you're ever up that way:)



Nelly said...

Woo hoo they need to teach my lot up here a thing or 2

Ky said...

Five dollars for all that?!!! Awesome!! Such a score. I have no idea where Bright is, but I sure want to find out.

Lyndel said...

oh good buying! I sometimes come across an Op shop doing the $5 bag thing, love it! it's usually at the end of a season tho.
Ky, Bright is in the Victorian Alps

Fourth Daughter said...

Great work on your first post, that's a pretty hard bargain to beat!

Christine said...

You are amazing! My idol , seriously !