Monday, 24 January 2011

Crush on coral at Savers

Normally I'm not someone who wears much pink, but I got a double shot of it at Savers Brunswick recently. I found this coral coloured woollen cape for $4.99 and the huge earrings were the same price. If you want to see what the cape looks like in motion, go to my blog!
Just a hint about capes - this one happened to be sitting on the rack outside the change rooms because someone must have just tried it on and rejected it (who was that foolish person!?), but I noticed that on the price tag it was categorised as "bed and bath". I found a cape in the Salvos that was put into that category too. I think it might be because neither of the ones I saw were actually tailored, they really are just rectangles with a split up the middle so they look like blankets. Anyway, just a tip for you - if you're looking for a cape, make sure you check out the bed linen and towel section of the op shop, you might just get lucky!

1 comment:

Gina E. said...

That is a stunning cape, and the colour is fab for you, FD!
I chuckled over your comments about the price tag categories; I've sometimes wondered what the staff out the back have been smoking while they are working!