Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Brotherhood is open again!

Wheee!! My favourite little oppy is open again after the Xmas break, so Glenda and I dropped in today to see what is new. Glenda found a few goodies of her own, and I spent the grand total of $12.75 on these:

Unusual bracelet for $8 - I love anything blue, and I like bracelets in summer with sleeveless tops.

This seems to be have been cut from a larger piece of printed fabric, but all I wanted was the Sunbonnet Sue figures at the bottom. 50 cents.

Yup - another tie - 75 cents. But what a neat pattern!

This Giordano teeshirt ($3.50) looks blue, but is actually white. It will replace the white teeshirt I have had for years, which is looking very shabby now.

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Kirrily said...

Hi Gina - I love that little Brotherhood shop in Eltham too, in spite of their size they always seem to have more of what I want than the bigger stores. Last time we were there is was half price day and we came home with an unopened pack of lace, a bag of mixed satin fabrics, two little wooden rocking chairs (perfect for my girls' dolls), a little skirt for Miss Six, a glass jar perfect for storing my loose leaf tea, and some zippers - all for about $8-9! Must get back there in the next week and see what is new :).