Monday, 31 January 2011

Salvos Stores on Facebook

Salvos Stores now has a facebook page - they post interesting finds that have come into their stores all around Australia (and that are currently available!) and they also post what the 50% off coloured tag is each week!


Nelly said...

I dunno if I like the idea much only coz I love scrounging.But I spose if you are looking for a certain thing it be ok.Only thing is things are going to get pricey as it looks like someone knows what items are worth.
We need to go back in time and buy up big methinks lol

Scavenger Bid said...

I have sent an email into the Salvos head office expressing my thoughts on this new initiative. The email expresses my dismay.

I very rarely go into a Salvos store these days because the retail experience is not what I know as opportunity shopping.

I choose to do my opportunity shopping where I get a bargain combined with a rummaging and ragpicking experience.

Similarly why would I shop at Salvos on-line if there is no such experience.

Jac said...

Ah there online site is a different thing... I think their facebook page is just to raise awareness of the types of things one can find in an op shop. I don't think you can buy from that page itself. But I do know what you mean about the op shopping experience (rummaging etc), I think this is just trying to bring it to a new generation through technology.