Sunday, 2 January 2011

Savers at Greensborough New Year's Eve.

Like Jac, I couldn't resist a last opshop visit for the old year! I had a box of stuff to drop off at Savers in Greensborough, and was shocked to find I could barely get my small car into their driveway, for all the stuff that had been donated over Christmas! Furniture, and boxes of stuff bursting open. Could it all have been unwanted Xmas gifts?? No, more likely old stuff that was replaced by Xmas gifts!
I thought it would be worthwhile seeing what was on the shelves, so in I went.

A tie with American dollars printed on it - very different! $2.99

Beautiful paperweight - I have a friend who collects them, so I'm snapping them up when I see them going as cheap as this - $2.99

There were half a dozen of these frames for $1.99, but I just bought one. They are great for putting mini cross stitch pictures in for gifts.

Six books by some of my favourite authors; priced between $2.99 and $4.99, which was getting a bit dear for opshop prices, I thought, but retail prices for some of these would have been over $20, so I can't complain.

Craft mag 99 cents, Craft book $1.99

The total for all these came to nearly $32, but I have a discount card which is stamped every time I donate goods, and it was up to 20% discount, which reduced my total to $25.60. Guess I got those books at the right price after all!


Lyndel said...

Hi Gina, Happy New Year, I see you have started yours out well with some good finds. I've started mine with a new Blog about my OpShopping. Can't wait for the new week, to share my newest treasures

Anonymous said...
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