Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Not strictly opping, but you'll forgive me??

Op shops were closed over the New Year break but I still managed to score some great second hand stuff... I went to the Rosebud Lion's Market on Sunday and this is what I got for the princely sum of $19, I think...

... there was an added bonus which I discovered when I opened the black handbag at home, this Japanese road safety amulet was hidden in the pocket (I only know what it is because I lived in Japan for nearly a decade)!

If you want more info/babble about the market, please visit my blog!


kat said...

This is a rather random comment.
Though I do love your finds, I am so interested in joining this site!! I've tried emailing the email listed but with no reply.
I have a google account, username katschems.
Any help would be great thanks!!

Janelle said...

Awesome bargains and what a great surprise in the bag well done you.I love what you find its so good to have people that are of like mind as me.