Sunday, 16 January 2011

I long ago ran out of space on my fridge and on my various pinboards for all the things I need to stick in plain view so I won't forget them. I also have a freestanding wall between my kitchen and lounge room that was crying out for some sort of decoration, but nothing too fancy as it's the sort of wall people rush past constantly (and at close quarters) on their way to/from the kitchen. When I saw this at the Salvos in Sunbury I thought, perfect! I use it to hold photos, tickets, vouchers, invitations and the like, and I also think it's really pretty. For all I know things like this are really common, but it felt like a fortuitous find to me. It was $8.50.
I'm glad we're halfway through January - getting a bit antsy with so many church op shops and country op shops having their extended summer break...
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christie said...

wow - how pretty is that! and so perfect for all those things that dont fit on the fridge door. i, pretty jealous :)