Saturday, 22 January 2011

Greensborough SAVERS

just had a lovely morning in Greensborough at Savers and Brotherhood. Grand daughter found a few more frames for her Cross Stitch project and some crafty bits and pieces, and an amazing Japanese musical jewel box ($4.99 !! bargain!!)
I have not been to Greensborough for years, so have now made a resolution to check it out more regularly.  For myself I found some great Retro Drinks Coasters, magazines and patternbooks.

Hope everyone else has had a successful Saturday. ~Lyndel


Janelle aka AussieJ said...

We are bsuch good grandmas teaching the GKs well,great finds.

Gina E. said...

I can usually find a few goodies in Savers, but not always at the Brotherhood around the corner.
Lyndel, next time you venture over this way, call me first - I'll take you to Vinnies in Briar Hill - you'll love it!

Lyndel said...

Gina.. will do...real soon .. just as soon as school is back.