Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I saw Amelia's latest post, and started feeling guilty. So now I'm blogging again. Um. Yeah.

A little while before Christmas, I scored a stack of retro/kitsch tablecloths from the Forest Hill Lions Club Op Shop. Each one cost three to four bucks, and I ended up spending big (i.e. forty bucks).

The four below are my favourites, and now form the header for my new blog,, which features all things cute but ugly.


Lyndel said...

Oh I love old tablecloths, nice finds, great colours too. So please tell us more about OpShopping in the area! where else do you like to shop? My favourites are RSPCA Burwood and the 3 in Ashburton High Street.

scavenger bird said...

What do you do with the tablecloths. Do you repurpose them or use them as tablecloths. Maybe you on-sell them? I would be interested as I have a few old ones and am loking for ideas.

Thuy Linh Nguyen said...

To Lyndel: Forest Hill is a good area for an op shop trawl. There's 3 opposite the Chase, 2 in Canterbury Rd in between Blackburn Rd and Middleborough, a Salvos on Blackburn Rd and Springvale Rd (Nunawading), and 2 op shops in Brentford Square. I visit them all because they're all pretty awesome. But if you're particularly interested in tablecloths, I did spot some okay ones the other day at Ashburton Salvos near Warrigal Rd.

To scavenger bird: They sit on my shelf at the moment. Maybe I'll sell them on ebay when I get round to it. I dunno. Maybe turn them into buntings?