Tuesday, 25 January 2011

off to the Yarra Valley - -

Today GD and I decided to take a trip to the Yarra Valley to view the Brett Whiteley exhibition at TarraWarra Museum of Art.  The weather was great, and I have to admit the scenery was just perfect.  Along the way, we resisted the temptation to stop at EVERY op shop, but we did stop at a few, and found some more patterns, and embroidery bits and pieces, including a cute little frame, a pair of long... really long.. white lace gloves, and another copy of Notebook magazine. Best find was a set of six KEN DONE coasters, we are both great Ken Done fans!
Most were found at Ringwood, and Healesville, but we made a few stops elsewhere too. A lovely day out♥


Fourth Daughter said...

haha, at least it sounds like you made it to the exhibition... with all that temptation on the way I would never have got there!!

Nelly said...

Gues what I found today? A heap about 8 Notelbooks that I havnt got and a ken done scarf.Will blog soon but have been really sick this arvo so will be delayed.

What Ken Be Done? said...

I just love outings that include op-shop bounty too! And I completely agree with Fourth Daughter: I'm not sure I could resist the lure of a number of regional op-shops to take in all those other sights!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, if your in the Upper Yarra Valley, take the Warburton Hwy to Woori Yallock, you will find a gem of an Op Shop called VPC Care and Relief Agency. Totally clean and organized with some amazing collector items as well as great clothing choices!
Address: Shop 2, 1385 Healesville - KooWeeRup Rd Woori Yallock
Open Mon afternoon through to 1pm Saturday

Susan Forbes said...

Hey next time you're in the Upper Yarra Valley, take Warburton Hwy to Woori Yallock. You won't be disappointed when you find the gem of an Op Shop called VPC Op Shop and Relief Agency. Really sweet shop and so clean and organized. Always find a treasure including lovely china and collectables and clothing.
Shop 2/1385 Healesville KooWeeRup Rd Woori Yallock. Open Mon 1pm through to Sat 1pm

Unknown said...

Would you happen to have a phone number for this shop please?