Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Savers.. and Salvos.. and Vinnies.. AND Uniting Care..

Did anyone else go to the Savers 50% off (clothing) sale yesterday? As usual at their sales, I hardly bought anything, but I did get this glass painting of a tiger for $12.99. Tacky, but cool. 
I also got a skirt there for only $2.50 thanks to the sale, but it's pretty formfitting and without a person in it you can't tell what it looks like, so if you're dying to know, head to my blog in the next few days as I will eventually put an outfit shot up.
It actually took me a while to get to Savers because I hit the three other big op shops in Dandenong beforehand and really took my time in there. I used to have to rush my visits there as I went on my lunch break, but no longer being employed at my former workplace, and having just completed a huge translating job, I was in the mood to spend, spend, spend. And I did! Here you see most of my purchases:
I won't go into detail about the clothes as I will do outfit posts on my own blog at some point, suffice to say I found an AMAZING long pink wool skirt for $8 at Uniting Care which you can just see under everything else, plus a brand new blue cardigan made of 100% merino wool for $8. Also at UC I got this tray thing for $4. The guy working there told me it was for threshing rice, but it's too heavy and awkward for that. Any idea what it could be?
Maybe just something ethnic looking that was made in China and sold at one of those interior stores, but I have a feeling it was used for something agricultural/culinary. I might use it for a tabletop.
I also got this cool black leather handbag at UC for $6. 
Also Le Specs "Roller Disco" sunnies for $2!! (Quite happy about that, although if I were being picky I would have said I preferred red ones).
At Vinnies I got two batik hankies for $1 (I looooove batik), a voile scarf for $1, and some books for $1-$2 each. Also a linen jacket for $8 and a dress which was free because there was a deal on summer clothes (two for one, or something like that, I didn't pay attention so it was a nice surprise when I got to the counter).
At the Salvos I got some jewellery for a few dollars and also found a black ceramic cat for $1.99. I already had two but got this one anyway, and now it's like my cat couple have a kitten. Aww. (I actually saw another set of these cats at Savers later, but they were more like $5 each and not in such great condition).
So all in all a very successful and exciting day, although now I have to actually work out where all this is going to fit in the house!


Miss Claire said...

The kitties had a baby! So cute! I found a pair of sweet bunnies at Savers on Monday, I'll post about them soon.

I'm dying to see the skirt on you!

Perhaps the dish thing could work well as a tea tray?! You could do some culture-clashing and put your turkish coffee set on it if it's big enough? Or perhaps not...!

Xx Claire

Janelle aka Nelly said...

Yay well done nothing like a good opping day

BEEBOP said...



Fourth Daughter said...

oh, I'd forgotten about that slogan! Thanks for the memories!!
And Miss Claire, looking forward to seeing the bunnies (hmm, did you go to Savers before I got there!?)

zigsma said...

LOVE the black handbag and the sunglasses! You've done SO well!

Mobile Maniac said...

I loved the Savers sale! I'm not an experienced op shopper, and am yet to experience the amazing "finds" that I read about others getting. I did pick up 19 great pieces of clothing for my 10 month old son though, for a tiny price of $35! Would have struggled to get one or two brand name outfits for that in the normal stores!