Thursday, 10 March 2011

Keep an eye out for Banyule Council memorabilia!

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Anonymous said...

I retired from an Australian Govt organisation last year. Over about 20 years I had collected some lovely pieces of memorabilia and wanted to find a permanent home for the collection which fit into one small cartoon.

On our intranet there was a Q&A section with our Chairman and I wrote in my question listing some of the pieces I had. I asked where I could send them.

I received a flippant response implying it was worthless junk and suggesting what I could do with it. I was stunned. It seems some leaders care nothing for the past and I believe this is a serious worry for any organisation.

Luckily another staff member replied as well and he was willing to take it over. Hopefully it will be cared for by the area he works in and will be the subject of their curiosity into the future.