Sunday, 27 March 2011

Noob :D

Hello op shoppers, I'm a noob to this blog and am quite excited to be contributing. Lately I've been on a winning streak, finding my winter wardrobe has been a breeze this year and I dont think i'm going to stop anytime soon.

Here are some of my pride and joys over March.

I scored big time at the new savers in Mill Park. Its fantastic there! all dresses $7 even the floral ones!

A lovely floral number that needed no alterations! hurray! and a super trendy jump suit with lovely detailing on the collar. both $7

some nice oxfords and a lovely long flowing skirt that's amazing on sunny picnic days. both $7 again

also at savers attached to a very ugly dress was this lovely broach. So I bought the dress for $4 as it was half price day, took the broach off and will send the dress back to the op shop circuit :D

meanwhile camberwell salvos has given me my new favourite skirt - $9

at Watsonia's Red cross I found a skirt that i cant decide to take up or not for $8 and as there effpos limit was $10 I scouered the shop for something else to bring my total up and found this lovely straw handbag for $4.

And lastly Geelong's Mill Market. wooooooweee what an amazing place! my boyfriend and I got there at 5pm and it shut at 6pm but I had only done half the place!!!! I know its not quite an op shop but I'm in love all the same. I found a nice Tin set for $6 and a dress $20. I'm heading up to Dalesford next weekend, theres one there also so i'll set aside a large portion of the day to suss it out.

Thanks for reading!


Nelly said...

Hello and lovley to meet you Nothing nicer than getting wonderful bargains from the oppys is there?

Lyndel said...

Oh wow you certainly did get around town in your search.
Just heard the Support Services Op Shop in Ashburton (cnr High St and Welfare Pde) are having a 1/3 off sale starting Monday for a Week

coldlight said...

I love the jumpsuit and those shoes! I have a pair of op shopped ones which are pretty much exactly the same! :)

Jac said...

LOVE the jumpsuit!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the jumpsuit comments.
Excellent find!:)

Jem said...

Those are some fantastic finds, I adore the little straw bag and weirdly, I think the ugly skirt would make a great cushion cover!

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello :-)

Jem xXx

la_pineapple said...

Thanks everyone! I Feel very welcomed!

natalie said...

how good is mill park savers i just went there today and it kicks the one at greensboroughs butt. and the staff are lovely too

Clothes Martha Loves said...

Welcome and thank you for sharing your finds with us. My favourites are the gorgeous brooch and straw bag - wonderful. Well done!