Monday, 14 March 2011

Recent finds

A Barbie tin for 49 cents (seriously? when we don't have 1 cent pieces anymore?) from Oakleigh Salvos.
I plan to install a mini collection in it after de-Barbifying it.

$2.99, also from Oakleigh Salvos. It is almost complete, only two pages with the boxes pressed out. Pretty!

A blank book handmade from plant fibre in Mexico, found in the Red Cross oppy in Oakleigh for $3. The next shot includes the little blurb describing it, plus the original price sticker - a whopping $58 dollars (I'm
assuming US$)!
A trio of linen panels featuring butterflies/moths, a dollar for all three (!) from St Vinnies at Pinewood.

And finally a silk scarf, also from St Vinnies at Pinewood, also a dollar. At the same shop, I also got a Harry Potter video and a Lost Boys video for a dollar each. Score!


Raine and Sage said...

Lovely finds! Ha I think the elderly ladies who price these things may have something do do with the cents?? Although mainstream stores still do 97cents all the time...
I can see those moth and butterflies framed individually & displayed in a trio vertically. Lovely!

Lyndel said...

Salvo stores all over Victoria seem to still use the .99c on ALL items.

Nice finds, love the scarf♥

Janelle aka Nelly said...

Awesome finds,I find it funny here when they well things at $1.80 just a random number I think its the same person who does it.I dont mind I think she is wonderful for pricing so low.

Anonymous said...

great finds!

i think that gift box book was the one i donated very recent. i only had 2 boxes pressed out!! its got very beautiful pictures in it!