Tuesday, 8 March 2011


TOOK a trip over to Kew today, visited the usual shops.. **one in the Church Grounds, one down near the Senior Citz. across the road and up a bit there's another, then the one in the Harp Shopping Center, and down to the large Vinnies (?)

well surprise, surprise, the M.S. have opened a new shop in High St Kew, directly opposite the one in the Church Grounds. new shop, not much stock but maybe one to watch out for in coming months?

** sorry I dont really know the names of these shops, I tend to just follow my usual route and not check out the shop names, must stop that if I want to report here.

Anyway I found a nice stash of knitting patterns, some embroidery books and a nice cloth to embroider... not a lost day after all..


zigsma said...

This is my neck of the woods. The first I call the Holy Trinity op shop, although I can't remember its proper name; the second is the Senior Citizens; then the Mental Illness op shop; the Epilepsy op shop and finally Vinnies. It's a well-trodden route by me and ALWAYS fruitful. Holy Trinity and Mental Illness have the best prices, Senior Citizens is quite pricey, Epilepsy good prices but not often great stuff and Vinnies is excellent, though inconsistent and often inexplicable pricing. I was so excited when the MS opened! Another stop along the route - but I agree not a large range yet, and not cheap. Sorry for long comment, but I knows me stuff here.

Lyndel said...

Oh thanks for filling in the gaps for me!.. yeah, I usually go over that way every month or 3 .. adding in the one near Auburn Station on the way!!

Clothes Martha Loves said...

This is also my neck of the woods. I haven't visited this area for a few weeks, but look forward to adding another op shop to my itinerary!

rosie said...

The Mental Illness Op Shop is far the best op shop in Kew.
The staff very helpful. The prices extremely good & the goods very good quality.