Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Op Shop tours as part of the Comedy Festival

Has anyone been on a bus op shop tour and are they good value?

Apparently there are Op Shop tours being arranged as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival (!) in April.

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Fourth Daughter said...

I suppose it depends how much they are? Probably good value if you're in a hurry, don't really know the area and want a day out with friends, but I prefer to concentrate when I op! I seem to remember reading about this too, I have a feeling the comedian/guide will be making fun of some of the things they find in the ops, otherwise I'm not sure where the comedy component fits in. I wouldn't think this would be ideal if you really wanted to do some proper browsing but for fun it might be good.

secondhandrose said...

I went on one of these tours last year to review it for my op shop zine. We went to op shops in Brunswick, Collingwood and St Kilda. You get about 20 minutes in each store and there are special discounts in some of the op shops. The comedy component was a performer on the bus who promoted his show and told a few anecdotes. We are showed off our finds. It was fun but if you are an experienced op shopper there won't be anything new to you.