Monday, 7 May 2012

Where am I? Op shopping with Gina E

Today I went exploring some of the north eastern op shops with Gina, with Gina acting as "Tour Director". I rarely drive around this area, so for most of the way I had absolutely no idea where I was and kept asking Gina "Is this still Eltham?", "Is this Mill Park?" "Is Rosanna around here?", as I was totally lost.

The first place we went to was Vinnies in Greensborough, where we had to peer through the dark due to a truck hitting the power pole outside and cutting power to the nearby shops! I didn't find anything here, but I had fun listening to a 20-something girl squeal excitedly over a pair of sequinned leggings.

The next stop was the Greensborough store of Brotherhood of St Laurence which had an... interesting... aroma. I found a purple Ginger Tree top here for $4.

Around the corner at the impressively large Savers shop I found a few more things. Two scarves at $3 each. The black and white feather print scarf was brand new, as it still had the original shop's tag and price attached.

From Savers I also bought this green seed bead necklace for $3...

....and 2 cookbooks. The vegetarian hardback book was $3 and the Thai one was $2. I'm not a vegetarian, the recipes just looked yummy.

Next stop was the Salvos in Watsonia. I bought a scrummy book on puddings for $4. I love warm puddings on a cold night... or really just anytime.

I also bought a Laura Ashley top for $5 (yes, purple again). It was only when I got home that I remembered that I'd pulled this top from the bargain $2 rack, but didn't pay attention at the counter (I was too busy thinking about puddings), so didn't notice that it wasn't rung up at the discounted price. Oh well, a steamed pear pudding will cure my woes.

Close by in the same road was the Watsonia Red Cross shop. I found a LONG dark blue (not purple!) knit top for $7.95. It was labelled as a size 20, but fits like a size 14.

And lastly we visited the Brotherhood of St Laurence, also in the same road in Watsonia as the other 2 shops. I found a Jump jumper for $4 which both attracted me yet repelled me at the same time: a couple of fiction titles for $1 each.

...and a skirt with an interesting lined pattern (a bit like an optical illusion) for $4.

And with that we were all op-shopped out for the day. (Though I was somewhat revived by a lunch of baked potato covered with a mountain of cheese, bacon, sour cream and many other goodies. Oh dear, winter weather really does bring out the carb-aholic in me.)


Gina E. said...

(I think you have hollow legs - I could never have eaten all that!)

FrolickingFroggy said...

Ha ha - I needed the energy in order to keep up with you!

Yarraville mum said...

You two have too much fun! Very jealous :)

Gina E. said...

If ever you want to come over this side of town, Yarraville Mum, you are welcome to join us!