Friday, 18 May 2012

BSL Eltham this week.

I must be going through a Purple Phase of my life...or perhaps there are just a lot of purple clothes around the opshops lately, and I'm finding the ones that fit me! This is either a jacket or blouse - NOW brand (Target?) and is made of a heavy fabric that I found today is both warm and windproof, but not heavy. I would wear it on its own, or over a teeshirt or skivvy, with a scarf to dress it up. $4.50.

In some years I can never find any jumpers that I like. This year I've found heaps, which has given me the chance to chuck out (back to the opshop) the older ones that I've been wearing and hating! I love this wool with metallic thread knitted through the design. $4.

You can always find jewellery in an opshop to match the clothes you buy there. Well most of the time. This chunky bracelet isn't too chunky for my skinny wrist, and matches both jumper and jacket. It is a bit more purple that what it looks like in this pic. 50 cents.

Art magazine for my stash of same, 20 cents.

An elderly lady came in today with two boxes of magazines on one of those home-trolley things. She was really struggling; I don't know how she made it from her car to our shop in the arcade, as the boxes weighed a ton! She said "There will be more; I've been buying these magazines for many years, and haven't got the room to keep them all. You might not be able to sell some of them because I've cut out a few patterns that I want to keep". I assured her that people will still buy them, as for 20 cents, you can't really complain! What I didn't tell her was that I would be taking most of them home to check out before we put them out for sale!! Years worth of Patchwork And Quilting mags! There were also quite a lot of gardening mags, but I put them out for sale immediately. The manager laughed at me, drooling over the patchwork mags on the counter! She knows she can trust me to pay for the ones I keep, and bring back the rest.
We got two stunning examples of cross stitch donated - framed samplers. The person who priced them earlier this week put $5 on them, but the manager held them back until I'd seen them. I was SOOOOO tempted to buy them but I just haven't got any more room on our walls. It wasn't hard to persuade my boss to change the price to $25 each, and believe me, they are well worth it. I am still tempted to buy at least one of them, so I'm hoping they will both sell before next Friday :-(

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