Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bargains Galore

Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

I am a mad Op Shop and Thrift store shopper, I love the thrill of looking for bargains, finding vintage tablecloths, doilies and glass ware and good quality cheap clothes for myself and my family. 

My husband and I usually make a day of it and try to visit as many shops as we can in a day - why waste a bargain hunting opportunity by only visiting a shop or two.

Last Thursday we went to 8 shops in total - that's a record for us I think.

First stop was Doncare in Tunstall Square - this was a new one for us.  Its a tiny shop but still has lots crammed in there.

I bought a tiny tiny round doily probably only 10cm across and a hand towel that I will probably use as a tray cloth, both beautifully embroidered.  I also found a wonderful, unused linen tea towel and a white damask tablecloth that needs a good soak - score!

My husband Rene convinced me that he needed to buy the worlds ugliest silk dressing gown - be thankful I didnt take photos of it - and books - he always buys books.

Next we went to the Red store - the newish Red Cross store.  Hmm, not very impressed though - lots of very expensive, not that good quality clothes. 

Bought a black shirt for Rene - $9.95 - not really a bargain but looked to be new.

Then on to Brentwood Square.  The first stop was the This and That store - wow they have some beautiful stuff there, more like an antique store than just an op shop, with prices to match!

Only bought some much needed forks there - 8 forks for $5.  Then on to the Doncare store in the same shopping strip.  Another black shirt for Rene, this time only $3.

Next was a small shop on the corner of Boronia Road and Canterbury road - I am not sure of the name.

There I found a pasta maker with a ravioli attachment for $15 and a new Country Road skirt, tags still attached with a $135 price tag, for just $15.

Finally on the way home we stopped at the Rotary Store and the Animal Aid Shop on Canterbury Road in Box Hill South - looked at lots but didnt buy anything.

Last stop was the Salvos store at Balwyn on Whitehorse Road where I scored another great skirt for Winter for just $10.

All in all a great but exhausting day.


FrolickingFroggy said...

Ha, your trip is almost exactly like the one I have planned for myself and Gina on Tuesday. (Not bothering with the Red Threads shop though, as I already know that it's not worth visiting.)

Awwww, I think you should show the ugly dressing gown.

Silvia said...

Seriously it is sooo ugly. Navy blue with oriental squiggles on it on one side and yay! its reversible, so even uglier on the other side - black with a dragon stitched on the back. U.G.L.Y. - I am hoping that it shrinks or gets somehow ruined in the wash.

cookiecrumbs said...

That sounds like my kind of day out shopping! That embroidery is really nice.