Thursday, 24 May 2012

First Post from Yuski

Being my first post, I’ll keep it short and sweet 

I have recently discovered the joy of Op Shopping and would like to share my finds and also some comments on the op shops I visited.

Found this Villeroy and Boch plate in perfect condition.  Not even a hairline crack!  I’m so thrilled as I have been and still looking for beautiful good quality dinnerware for my food blog photographs.  Only $4 at Blackburn Animal Aid Op Shop.

Also bought a knitted Dotti vest for $5.99, seemed like brand new to me and never been worn from Salvo in Blackburn near the train station.  This shop is a bit lacking in homewares but more than compensated by lots of women fashion.  Items are reasonable priced and very helpful male manager/staff on the Sat morning.


FrolickingFroggy said...

Yay, another poster in my region.

I'm a regular shopper at the Animal Aid shop, not so much at the Blackburn Salvos. (Never seem to find much there that I like, plus parking can sometimes be a bit of a pain.)

FrolickingFroggy said...

PS - is that orange background a kitchen bench or table? If so, I am loving your Brady Bunch 70's styling.

Silvia said...

Welcome Yuski, I shop in the same are as you too. We really need to organise an eastern subs op shopping day.

Lisa Choo said...

Hello frolickingfroggy and Silvia ;)
Yes that's my vintage 70's kitchen bench top, good guess. It'll be awesome to do op shop tour together, I'm hoping to visit doncare (Blackburn? Or doncaster?) next.

Lisa Choo said...

Sorry for the confusion, Lisa and Yuski. Yuski is usually my blogging name ;)

Gina E. said...

Hi Lisa, welcome to our oppy club! Well, Froggy, your suggestion to me some time ago about having a opshopping day group may come to fruition with all these girls on our side of town!