Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Ladies of the Northern Auxiliary

These ladies started the CPS Op Shop 28 years ago in 1984. Dulcie is nearly ninety, Wilma sits on the CPS board, Betty and Marjorie manage the shop on Tuesdays and the group still meet regularly.

The auxiliary itself was started in 1980 by local wives of Rotarians and the idea to establish the op shop as a fundraiser came from the UK. The CPS first opened its doors in 1896 as the Victorian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and is one of the oldest independent child welfare organisations in Victoria. Since its inception, the Northern Auxiliary has raised close to a million dollars for the CPS!

Now the op shop has three paid managers who share the demanding job of sorting and pricing the high volume of donations. The shop continues to provide significant funds to the CPS thanks to its managers, 60+ awesome volunteers and the community who donate quality items on the way into the shop and buy something on their way out!

The commitment of the ladies of the Northern Auxiliary over so many years is truly inspiring and the difference their work has made to many lives is inestimable. I would love to hear the stories of other op shops as I am sure there are many great histories out there.


Stella said...

I love this blog.

Gina E. said...

So do I, Stella!
How nice of the CPS ladies to write a little history of their shop for us - thank you very much! I'll see if I can get some info. about the Brotherhood...maybe not the whole organisation! but just our little shop in Eltham, which has been there for a number of years.

FrolickingFroggy said...

Awww, sweet photo. Must visit the CPS op shop one day.

I Love To Op Shop said...

Real superstars!