Monday, 7 May 2012

Another fun day with Frolicking Froggy!

As FF has just posted, it was my turn to show her my side of town today. I think I outdid her again in the spending stakes - not that I'm trying to - she has more self control than me! we are planning to do it all again over her way in three weeks time. Gives my wallet a chance to re-group. Greensborough Savers was my biggest downfall. JAG jumper with owl (I am an owl-aholic, so couldn't resist this for $2.99)

Suzanne Gray cardigan, $9.99. Sounds expensive, but it is almost new and very good quality.

"Now" brand teal coloured jumper $5.99

Three fabulous scarves $2.99 each except for the third one which has a Picasso design and name printed on it, and that was $4.99.

Vintage Aussie craft book $1.99

Two paperback novels $2.99 each.

I have to admit that I probably wouldn't have bought all that, but knowing I was going to get 20% discount off everything because Monday is Seniors Discount day at Savers, I was very happy to part with $30.40!

At the Brotherhood Shop in Greensborough I found a purple sweater for $4 and a turquoise skivvy for $2.

At Vinnies in Briar Hill (not quite Greensborough) I found a cute pink singlet for $1.50, a tie and a cat book for $1.50. (the other book in the photo was bought at the BSL in Watsonia)

At the Red Cross opshop in Watsonia, I found a big roll of quilt wadding for $3, another aqua coloured top for $3.50 and a doiley for $2.

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