Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My version of the Nine Opshops trip!

That was such a great post, Jess! I felt like I was reliving our day all over again, grinning to myself as I was recalling the fun we had! I would not have been able to recall all those details without writing everything down as we went, but that's the advantage of being on your home territory. Sadly, my camera is stuffed. I took it to two camera shops and they told me the same thing - the message on the screen about the stabiliser meant that a little electronic device inside the camera was broken and not worth fixing. The quote for fixing it was $160, which would be silly to spend, considering that the camera as good as it was, is now about 5 years old, and I could buy a new one for under $100 which will be far superior to the old one. So I did. But that's another story for another blog. Suffice to say, I haven't learnt enough about new camera to photograph my goodies from yesterday, so I'll just write about them.
This N That opshop was as good as everyone has said. I bought two ties for $2 each, and a handbag for $3, to replace the one I was using until the zip broke. (I'm not really happy with it though, and it's going to the BSL on Friday).
YES opshop was also fanastic. I bought a paperback novel for $2.90 (my SIL had recommended it just last week), a quilt magazine $1.50 (bit expensive I thought), some stabiliser fabric pieces (for use in patchwork) $3.50 and a length of patchwork fabric for $3.50 which was a bargain considering it retails for about $23 a metre.
The Epilepsy Opshop was good. I bought a book on calligraphy for $2 and a pair of white slacks for $6.40 which had been reduced by 20% for some reason. I have been after white pants for ages but could never find anything that fit me, so when I tried these on and they were a perfect fit, I would have paid double the price for them!
The new Mission Opshop which we discovered as we walked past it and I saw the sign on the window, was tiny but interesting. I bought an apron with Aboriginal art print on it for $3 and an interesting looking book for $5.
At Animal Aid I found four more ties that I can use in my patchwork, for $1 each (that's more like it - This N That could take a hint on the pricing of their ties), and four sheets of gift wrap paper for $1.
All in all a very productive day and not TOO expensive ($39.80 is not a lot for me, lol). Our next day out will be at High Street Kew, where there are six shops all within walking distance, and some very nice cafes to stop for lunch.

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FrolickingFroggy said...

That's a shame about your camera, but yes, paying that much to get it fixed wouldn't make sense when the prices of new cameras are so cheap. Hope you get the hang of using it by the time we next go op shopping!