Sunday, 6 May 2012

BSL Friday.

It was cold on Friday morning when I got ready to go to work at the opshop, so I put a jumper over the top of a skivvy to keep me warm. I'd forgotten that the shopping centre is heated, and we have heating in the opshop as well, so by 10 am I was hot. So I took off my jumper and scanned the shelves for a light top to go over the skivvy. Then, I added that chunky necklace, which has been on the jewellery rack forever, and is not something that I would have bought, but it set the blouse off nicely! I got a lot of comments from customers on how bright and cheerful it looked, and it was good advertising for the shop! The blouse was $3.50 and the necklace 50 cents.

I saw this DVD on the shelf ($3), and thought it looked interesting - I love old movies from the 40's and 50's. We watched it tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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