Sunday, 5 September 2010

Cardigan (Seems to be alot of them at op shops all over at the moment!)

Picked up this cute little cropped cardigan at Salvo's Dandenong (Lonsdale St) for $2.50 (it was $5 but it was one of the 50% coloured tag items of the week!) It's kind of quirky, not sure where it is from, but the care instructions tag inside is all in Hebrew so I'm guessing it has travelled a while to make it to this op shop :)

The dress was from the same op shop, is Teaberry brand... and I have mentioned it in a prior blog post (cannot remember cost off the top of my head sorry)


LISA said...

That's a really cute cardigan. I often shop at op shops too, but do you ever get the fear that you will buy a garment of someone who has passed???

Jac said...


Funny (or not so funny) story.... when I am browsing I am often looking at the brand/size tag area... and the first time I came across one with someone's name tag sewn into it I was like "Hmm, haven't heard of that brand before" then my mum turns to me and explains that it's probably from a nursing home as often residents have to label all their clothing.

I have not yet been able to bring myself to actually ever purchase a garment with one of these tags still in it... just in case!!

Kirsten said...

cute cardigan, fellow finder! I haven't ever seen one of those tags before, but I have, however bought clothing that probably belonged to someone who is now deceased... you just have to try not to think about it :)