Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Some Suggestions Please

This post isn't really about anything I've bought recently. I've had the tablecloth for a couple of months now. The side plate, I've had for just ages and the mismatching teacup and saucer I bought at the RSPCA Op Shop at Burwood East a few months ago.

I keep my eye out for really pretty teacups, saucers, sideplates, bowls and dinner plates as I want a totally mismatching 'good' crockery set. I don't like to pay very much for each piece and I haven't seen a lot around, so, I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me some great places to go where I can find really pretty pieces of fine bone china, preferably from England or anywhere in Europe really.
I'd really appreciate your help and suggestions to which op shops to visit.

~ Ky x


Liz said...

I've seen some nice pieces at the big Salvos/St Vinnies (can't remember which) in Sydney Rd, Fawkner. Couldn't guarantee that they were good bone china but they had quite a few nice looking pieces.

Jac said...

There is a decent collection at a small op shop on Poah Rd, Hughesdale called 'Lots of Things Opp Shop'... it's a few shops up from the train station heading towards Chadstone Shopping Centre :)

Jac said...

Poath Rd sorry.. my bad!

Fourth Daughter said...

Can't vouch for the quality but Savers Dandenong always has china stuff. Otherwise my suggestion is to try suburbs where there are lots of old people and maybe the more privately run little op shops rather than the big ones like the Salvos. But that's just a feeling, can't really say I have actual proof of that being the best idea!
You might be lucky at the Lion's Den in Forest Hill if you can be bothered doing a lot of rummaging?

Fourth Daughter said... might like to have a look at this cup that I found on the rubbish in Tokyo!

Gina E. said...

Savers in Greensborough has shelves and shelves of china. They put the 'collectable' stuff on separate shelves, so the people who buy stuff to re sell at markets can go straight to the good stuff! The Salvos stores seem to get a lot of good china.
And the RSPCA Opshop in Burwood is in two sections - one half is sort of upmarket with things that are more expensive, and they have a lot of good china.

Ky said...

Thanks ladies.
Liz, will be trawling Sydney Rd op shops after the school hols.

Jac, thanks for that, will check it out. It's not too far from my place.

FD, I tend to agree with your theory. Salvos seem to charge a lot for the good stuff when they do have it. I've been to Lions Den a few times. They are a bit pricey too and it's such a mess in there. I just really can't be bothered with a 3 year old in tow.
Thanks for the suggestion though.

Gina, I go to the RSPCA op shop often. They haven't had much new stuff in a while. I do like that shop though. And one day, I'll get up to the north side and check out some shops up there.