Monday, 13 September 2010

Watsonia opshops.

The small Watsonia shopping centre has three busy op shops: The Red Cross, the Brotherhood of St. Lawrence, and the Salvos. My friend G. and I visited them all today. G found some great clothes as usual, four beautiful cushions, and a new four piece dinnerset for $11. I saw an English "Churchill Imari" teapot and matching milk jug in perfect condition, for about $18 for the pair. I wish now that I'd bought them, but I have enough teapots and milk jugs, and no room to keep any more. But I didn't come home empty handed. Of course.

Two craft magazines from two shops: one for 50c and the other 99c (don't you hate that? We haven't had one and two cent coins for years, so it's a bloody DOLLAR, not 99 cents)

A huge ball of lace for 50 cents! Most opshops would sell this by the metre, but the lady at this shop just looked at it and said doubtfully "Is 50 cents okay?" Is the Pope a Catholic?

A self-help book about Arthritis. With my hands and feet aching most of the time now, and my neck and back getting stiffer every morning, I need all the help I can get.

A stunning glass paperweight for $7 (the ticket price was $6.99, but if you read what I said above...) A friend collects them, so I've been looking for them to keep for Xmas gifts, and they are mostly around the $20 mark, so this was a bargain.


Ky said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I have no idea where Watsonia is, but will have to find it one day and visit your shops. I've only been living in Melbourne since Feb.

Jac said...

Gorgeous paperweight, really pretty!!

Fourth Daughter said...

I don't know if anyone is interested, but Rowville Salvos had quite a collection of snow domes when I went there last week... the paperweight reminded me.
And great lace find!!
Ky - I don't know where Watsonia is either and I've lived here all my life... :)