Sunday, 12 September 2010

Treasures For This Week

This is the first time I have contributed to 'I op therefore I am'. I'm feeling a little privilaged right about now.
I love looking at all the things that everyone finds and how much and where they got them. It's so inspirational.

Here a few of my finds in the past week.
Found this straw handbag in almost perfect nick at the Glen Waverley Salvo's for $3.99

These Demonia Mary Jane's in perfect nick at the Rotary Clothesline on Mitchum Rd, Mitchum for $4.50. I was so stoked to stumble across these!

These Nine West shoes for $8.00 at the Vinnies store in Mitchum.

I also picked up some old, hard back classics at the Adra Op Shop in Mitchum for 50cents each. Am finally going to read Doctor Zhivago.

You can read/see more of my op shop treasures by visiting my blog and clicking on the 'op shops' label in the side bar.

Hope you all have a great week and find some fabulous treasures while op shopping!

~ Ky x


Jac said...

Congrats on joining the site! Always great to see new people and what they're finding at op shops. Great shoes, they're in really good condition! I haven't been to any of the op shops you mentioned so I will most definitely have to check them out! I love planning new op shopping adventures!!

Gina E. said...

Welcome to the blog, Ky! Those shoes are incredible. You won't really wear them though, will you??
When I worked over near Mitcham I used to haunt those opshops, but haven't been there for a couple of years. Methinks it is time for a return journey!

Ky said...

Thanks ladies. And yes Gina, I will wear them. I actually wore them to church on Saturday. Lol. With a rather demure outfit I might add.

Mrs Button said...

great buys - nice to visit again :o)

ADNAN said...

The first pair of shoes looks awesome, I would so wear them on the sly!

Janelle aka AussieJ said...

I LOVE those Mary Janes and would have snppaed them up too.Loving your blog .Found it tonight has been keeping me entertained for hours.