Friday, 24 September 2010

Today's Outfit

Jacqui E cardi (Dandenong Salvo's), Country Rd tunic dress (I'm a giraffe so it's a top on me!)(Vinnies Edithvale), Scarf (Dandenong Salvo's), bag (Glen Waverly Salvo's), scarf on bag (Dandenong Salvo's).

I've blogged about all of the items separately so you can look up the price of everything there... just wanted to show how you can throw everything together and make an entire outfit out of things you buy at op shops :)


Ky said...

Fantastic! I really love that bag. I pop in to that Salvos every couple of weeks.

Fourth Daughter said...

Nice one! Many of my outfits are entirely opped too. The dress I wore the other day cost $1 and I jazzed it up with wool from the Salvos... total cost maybe $2?!