Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Royal History

I found some books on the Queens Coronation and her family at the RSPCA op shop at Burwood East last week. $13 for 5 books isn't too shabby.

There are some beautiful old photos in these books. I love them!


Gina E. said...

Lucky girl, you! I wonder why these don't end up on eBay instead of opshops. But maybe they aren't worth listing...sad, because they are historical documents in their own way. I have two or three books on the Royals, and like you, love looking at the photos.

VintageFokus said...

wow cool find....I agree with Gina E. these should be on ebay/auctions not opshops! oh well finders keepers ;)


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Kate said...

I see them in op shops regularly, thus assume they are not worth putting on ebay.