Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Brotherhood of St.Laurence, Eltham.

Over at our favourite local oppie, my friend G. and I have had a lovely week. G. bought a new washed denim jacket and jeans set for $20, which still had a price tag on it for $180!!!!! I found an assortment of goodies - clothes and fabrics, pictured below, except for a piece of iron-on interfacing for 80c which wasn't worth photographing. I also bought a 2009 calendar of vintage travel posters for 50c. I just love those old art deco posters! Haven't photographed that one either. My clothes aren't as exciting as G's, but I'm happy.

This piece of fabric is 19 feet/5.79 metres long, and 60"/1.5 metres wide. It cost me $15. The lady behind the counter said "What are you going to do with that?" and I told her I'm going to make two togas. Ken and I are going to see the Ben Hur stadium spectacular in Sydney next month, and the publicity people are urging ticket holders to dress up for the night. I Googled 'how to make a toga' and have all the instructions (DON'T use sheets!), so when I saw this material, I decided it will be perfect!

I know these tracky dacks will look so tacky to most of you, but I'm built for comfort, not for speed these days, and have been searching for some new tracksuit pants for ages. $3.

This cotton overblouse will be great in summer - $4.


Jac said...

Oooh Toga's... that sounds awesome Gina! Hope you guys have a blast up there! :)

Gina E. said...

LOL! thanks Jac.