Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Saturday at Savers

Hi again! On Saturday boyf and I went to the Footscray Savers. When we got there we found out they were having a special Savers weekend with a few different things on- free face painting and lucky dips for children (so sad I was too old for one!!), 20% off if you spent over $50 and hourly door prizes (they gave you a ticket when you went in.) Of course we have the worst luck ever, so we never win anything :P But I ended up with a few nice things!

A dusty pink wool blazer/jacket $6.99:
A gorgeous red full skirt $7.99
A cream crochet Dotti cardigan $5.99 and a small leather satchel $6.99. (Does anyone know why my photo was uploaded the wrong way around?? The other ones are the right way!)
Hope you're all having a lovely week, more posts by me to come soon. More finds and photos at my blog Sweethearts and Celebrations if you're interested!


Gina E. said...

At 60+ I couldn't get away with that cute blazer and skirt, but I can admire them on you! I don't recall Greensborough Savers having special weekends, but I don't go on weekends, so maybe I'm just missing out.
I can't help you with any advice about your photo being the wrong way around. It's happened to me once or twice, so I just deleted it, and try again until it comes right.

Jac said...

Lovely finds! Especially the skirt and blazer... just gorgeous, and so cheap! Nice work! :)

Erica Louise said...

I love that jacket!!

jess needs a new face said...

i love the blazer and the satchel

Kirsten said...

Love the skirt! Unfortunatley I live too far away from Footscray savers, but it looks awesome :)