Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Opshops in Burwood.

I had to go over to Burwood today, and took a friend with me for the ride. I completed my original message, and then asked Friend if she wanted to check out the local opshops. Silly question really - she had brought half a dozen bags with her, just in case..
The first one was in a side street off Riversdale Road. I can't remember if it is a Lions opshop or not, but it is not one of the big ones. Friend brought some lovely hand painted china (after vowing that she wasn't going to buy any more because she had nowhere to put them). Right!
Here is what I bought:
Two ties for 50c each.

Stunning framed piece of Goldwork embroidery, $5.

Beaded necklace, 50 cents

And this piece of lace was thrown for free...

From there we drove over to the RSPCA opshop near the corner of Burwood Highway and Middleborough Road. Friend went off the rails here, as it was her first visit, and they do have lots of goodies, although a bit more expensive than most oppies. She bought clothes, a book and a handbag. She might have got some other stuff too...I lost track. Cell, if you are reading this, the RSPCA shop has STACKS of Better Homes and Gardens mags!
Here are my purchases:
Plain white dish in three sections, for mixing oil paints. $2

Japanese 'play handkerchiefs', 50 cents each.

Books $3 each (ouch)

Neat animal fabric - under napkins. 50 cents


Jac said...

Great finds Gina! I've been wanting to check out that RSPCA op shop for ages... sounds fabulous!!

jenni said...

How do you manage to find such cool stuff at these op shops? I live in Brisbane so I'm using that as an excuse..but still!

Ai-Lin Ava Asteroid said...

this is most strange, i go to the rspca burwood op-shop very often (it's my closest op-shop,) in the hopes of finding something and i never ever do

Gina E. said...

Ai-Lin, I am grinning at your comment - I know just how you feel! Some of my friends find wonderful stuff at opshops that I go to, but I never seem to find anything when I go there! Depends what you are looking for, I guess.
Jenni, don't you have opshops up there? If you don't know where to look, try Googling Op shops in Brisbane (or wherever is closest to you). You never know what might be around the corner!

kirstyb said...

great post xxx

Fourth Daughter said...

I'm wondering about your choice of reading matter!! But I am living proof that if you keep persisting at op shops where you normally never find anything you will hit the jackpot eventually... right Jac?!

Jac said...

Totally! It's all about persistence!

Joanna said...

If anyone is after some lounge chairs, I spotted some comfortable ones for very cheap in the St Vinnies in clayton. Wish I had room at my place for them but hopefully they will make someone else happy.

coldlight said...

Great finds! I really do love the animal print fabric :D