Thursday, 1 July 2010

Savers in Greensborough

I hadn't been to Savers for a while, and as I was passing that way today with nothing else to do in the afternoon, I thought 'Why not?' When I came out after spending nearly $50 on stuff I could have lived without, I had my answer to my own question. Especially when I got to the cashier and she informed me that my discount card had expired - grrr! Here's what I got:

Three vintage cups 49c each, which I will use to make pincushions (crafty idea using a piece of material stuffed with cushion filling and stuffed into the cup, using a glue gun to secure it)

Brand new sneakers for $6.99, Target brand, but they fit well and I am tired of my old white sneakers.

Another pair of sneakers, but twice the price of the Target ones - $12.99! I didn't realise how much they were (the price was stuck on the sole) until I got home and saw it. The brand is "Rivers" and they are soooo comfortable.

More ties for my ties quilt of the future...the blue striped tie was $3.99 and the others $2.99. Possibly because it is pure silk and the others are pure polyester or something. Love the little elephants on the tie on the right.

Two pair of ladies socks, $1.99 each.

Bag of laces on cards - great for craft. $6.99 for the lot.

Two glasses for 49c each, to replace the ones that have been broken at home. We've had this set in the kitchen for years, and they are so easy (and cheap) to replace.


Jac said...

Cute idea making pincushions out of tea cups! :)

muchlove said...

great finds! I love the teacups and laces. I've been wanting to stack up on vintage cups too. I love your idea to make pincushions with them.

Gina E. said...

Thanks for your comments, girls!
I have to be honest and tell you it wasn't my idea - I found it on a craft blog. Another idea I recently found and am going to do shortly, is spray paint my old baking tins. Normally you'd chuck them out, right? But this blog showed some old tins sprayed white, and then used as containers for labels, envelopes, pegs, and other small bits. Neat!

Jac said...

That is nifty... and seems much better than just throwing them out. My baking tins are not too weathered yet as I have only been living out of home for 2 years, but when they do get to that stage I will definitely be spraying them! :)