Saturday, 24 July 2010

Salvo's Saturday

Olga Berg handbag (suede and leather detaling) $9.99 Salvo's Noble Park
Vintage dress $8.99 Salvo's Dandenong
Country Road Belt $5.99 Salvo's Dandenong (I have mentioned this buy in a previous blog post)
Striped singled top with bow and button detail $4.99 Salvo's Dandenong
Black wool jacket (Made in England) $8.99 Salvo's Dandenong
Barkins brown-ish high waisted skirt $6.99 Salvo's Dandenong


The lunchbreak op shopper said...

good finds!! that bag is perfect and u have a good eye for fashion :)

Jac said...

why thankyou! I've been looking for corporate looks recently as I am coming to the end of my studies.. there is a surprising amount of great office skirts and shirts out there.. and at such great prices!