Tuesday, 6 July 2010

thank you impulse buy...

Hey! So you might be wondering about the title of this post. Of course we probably all have too many impulse buys which we regret :( but in this case I was very happy that someone else had made an impulse buy!
A little while ago I went to Savers with my best friend. She told me this funny story about something that had happened with her mum. The day before they had gone to Savers and her mum tried on a coat. Apparently it was hideous, a weird green velvet with strange puffy sleeves and wrists. My friend told her mum it was disgusting... but this only hardened her mum's resolve to buy the coat! And it was $30. They came home and the family managed to convince her it was ugly- and the next day the coat was returned for store credit, which she gave to my bestie because she couldn't find anything she wanted.
The same day my bestie and I went to Savers with the credit voucher. My friend got a top, jumper, shoes and a scrabble book which added up to around $20. I found some awesome Gripp jeans high waist shorts for $3.99 and a black boyfriend blazer for $5.99, almost $10 in total so my lovely friend got them for me with the store credit! As she said, "it's mum's shout." I love best friends!
This was the way I styled the blazer in one of my outfits, the velvet dress was also from an op shop:This is the blazer by itself, so glad I found it as I had been looking for a black boyfriend blazer with the perfect lapel for awhile.
Here are the shorts I got, they were so cheap because they were missing buttons but I got some new ones from Spotlight :) Not sure why the photo is sideways though, it wasn't like that on my computer...I went op shopping again this week and found some lovely things so you'll be sure to see them soon :) Feel free to visit my blog Sweethearts and Celebrations if you'd like to see more writing, op shop finds and outfits from me :)


Kirsten said...

I never knew that you recieve store credit from Savers if you return an item - very useful thing to know. I love the shorts, and it looks like you had a very productive trip :)

Jac said...

I love the shorts too! Wish I had the legs to pull them off!!