Sunday, 25 July 2010

Savers, Greensborough

After hearing such wonderful things about the Savers out in Greensborough I thought I'd check it out today. I was very impressed, and think it's much nicer than the other 2 Savers stores I have been to (Dandenong and Frankston) Here are my finds! :)
JAG jeans $7.99
Brand new with tags Zara top (its a white tshirt with little black sequins all over it!) $9.99
Blue and white stripe business shirt, with little bows on the sleeves $7.99
'Thames' brown handbag $4.99 (I fell in love with this bag and cannot believe how cheap it was!)
Purr hooded coral top (I do alot of running/gym work so will be perfect to jazz up the old trakky/tshirt combo!) $4.99


Kirrily said...

Savers in Greensborough is my local Savers and I always come away with more than I intended. Today my two girls and I were all dressed by Greensy Savers! I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I do :). said...

I love this blog. Since I am a Tasmanian, I have strated my own, based solely around clothes, maybe you could check me out,my clothes are mostly op shop or second hand.

Jac said...
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Jac said...

Thanks ladies :)

I'll definitely check out your blog... though if you do want to set up a Tasmanian 'i op therefore i am' i am sure Amelia would be interested in setting it up.. if you see on the sidebar there is a NZ and a Canberra equivalent already connected :)

Gina E. said...

Hi Jac,
I don't think it is just the store with you - it is more your eye for brand name bargains! I am hopeless with brand names; if it fits and I like the colour, it's mine, lol!
If you plan to head over here again, perhaps you could email me (and Kirrily?) and we could meet up, do Savers, and have a coffee!

Jac said...

That sounds great Gina - I will let you know next time I head over your way :)

Fourth Daughter said...

I've only been to that one once and I think I only bought patterns, but it's pretty tempting to head out that way again... I think I'll hang out at the Oakleigh ops today though!