Monday, 4 February 2013

29 items for $28

I had heaps to do today, but somehow talked myself into going opshopping just for a little bit before I started my jobs. I'm really glad I did!! I went to Trino's in Pascoe Vale and Dot's in Coburg (where there was a half price sale on EVERYTHING!)
Blue things: flannelette pillow case, 2 plastic pineapple dishes, book on Tiffany & co, vintage unused makeup bag, souvenir dish.

Orange & Yellow things: Vintage tea towel, crown mixingbowl, orange jeans, napkin, double sided mirror.
Brownish things: Tablecloth, cane wastepaper basket, canisters, lampshade, wooden fruit dish, shell plant hanger.

Red things: Tea towel, ramekins, picture frame.

Black & grey things: Salt and Pepper set, teaspoon, tea ball, sugar pot (it's more grey in real life).

So as some things weren't priced, I just averaged out the items when I got home and each item cost just under $1 Woo Hoo!

I found some cool things last Saturday in Brunswick too. 
More Johnson!!

Castanets, a little wooden owl (who was in the free box) and a pretty mug.
And for $1 a BNIB Stable Table!! I always wanted one of these :o) 


Lyndel said...

oh my what wonderful finds! I hope I can get a bit of op shopping done tomorrow.. will keep you informed

Kelly Wayne said...

What an absolutely beautiful haul you have for your collection. I love the averaging out too haha. Just a little reminder of how wonderful op shopping is eh? I heart the pineapple dish, the johnson, the castanets (!), the makeup bag & the yellow mirror. Actually what am I saying, i love it all! Kel :)

DIAN said...

O my goodness, what terrific buys.
I have been op shopping but not blogging. Must get my act together.

Gina E. said...

I love the way you grouped your bargains in colours! I am curious - do you really keep all this stuff for yourself, or do you re sell on eBay or a local market? You have a good eye for nice stuff!

mothertheresa said...

Yeah, I was really amazed at how there were so many turquoise/blue things in one days opshopping! I couldn't help but colour group everything haha!
Believe it or not I do keep all the stuff I buy :o) I generally have clean outs every so often and donate back all the stuff I don't want/use anymore. I really just love the 'hunt' of opshopping and absolutely adore vintage stuff so if I can replace an item that I bought new with a vintage one I will. I figure it's a relatively cheap hobby! It's funny that you mention reselling though Gina as some friends recently commented on my 'eye' for vintage too and have me on the hunt for things for them because they can't be bothered/have the time to go opshopping themselves, so it did cross my mind about starting up my own 'opshopping service' or perhaps an online store as I'm sure there are heaps of people that would prefer to just buy their stuff online. (then I'd have a dream job! professional opshopping!)
Can anyone offer their advice/opinions about reselling? as I'd love to hear about what's the best way (ebay/markets/etsy)? Is it worth it financially, or is it a 'love' job?
I suppose I'm a bit lazy and I work most days as well so the updating/packaging & posting etc seems a bit time consuming, plus I don't know how I feel about profiting from an opshop?? is that bad or is the opshop just the 'middle man' still getting their fair cut?
Oh, how I would love my own antique and vintage store though!!!

Corinne said...

Excellent! I think the blues are my favourite! What an amazing collection for $28!

Dianne said...

Wow lots of gorgeous bargain goodies! Can I just ask - which oppies do you mean by "Dot's" in Coburg & "Trinnos" in Pascoe Vale? The only one I know in PV is the one in Cumberland Rd.

mothertheresa said...

Dot's Op Shop is run by the Dorothy Impey Home and is at 238 Sussex Street Coburg North

and I'm just going by what my trusty 'Op Shop Guide Victoria' says, apparently the one on Cumberland Road (150A) in Pascoe Vale is called 'Trinos Op Shop'?? I don't know as I'm generally so distracted by what's in the window, I've never really read what the sign says, but I just googled it and Trino's is run by the Anglican Parish of Pascoe Vale and Oak Park.

cookiecrumbs said...

I love how you color-grouped your photos! That pineapple bowl is too cute.

Anonymous said...

I've been occasonally checking in on this blog, and thought I'd let you know that there are quite a few Johnson plates (5 or 6 dinner plates, and 4 or 5 side plates)in that same pattern at Savers in Greensborough. From memory, they were $1-2 each.

mothertheresa said...

Ooh, Thank you! I might have to head out to Greensborough this week! I haven't been to that Saver's before :o)