Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lots to tell you guys!

My computer crashed about a month ago and I haven't been able to post anything to my blogs for a while, but it is now all fixed thanks to a very good friend of ours who can do anything with computers but as it isn't his paid job, he wouldn't take payment for fixing mine.  We all need friends like that, don't we! 
In the meantime I have found some fantastic stuff at oppies, but apart from one or two items I can't remember everything, so I won't be posting photos of past purchases. 
Last week at the BSL Eltham though, I bought these:
Large very comprehensive book on our Ned - $2.  Ken isn't a collector of Ned Kelly gear but he has a couple of small souvenirs from Glenrowan etc. and he was delighted when I brought this book home.
 Two paperbacks for 70 cents each.  Most of our books are around 70 cents and our regular book buying customers say they wouldn't go anywhere else because most other opshops are far more expensive.
I grudgingly paid $4 for a paper back at Doncare yesterday, but only because I really wanted that particular book.
 Little Xmassy pot holder, made in China.  60 cents
 DVDs for the MOTH - $3 each.
 Home made library bag $1.50.  Had to have this for the Tiger!


DIAN said...

Gina I am pleased you are back on line. Those books are great. Such good prices.

mothertheresa said...

I love that library bag! I remember having a homemade one like that at school but can't remember what the print was. Probably wasn't as cool as a tiger though!

cookiecrumbs said...

I love that tiger bag too! Score!

Lyndel said...

good finds! wish we could have met up last monday. I'm usually free on Tue/Wed or Fri to op shop elsewhere.