Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Op shop jaunt with Dian and Lyndel.

We had such a fun day. I left my car at Lyndel's house and we went in her car to meet Dianne at our first stop, Vinnies in Springvale Road, Springvale. I made one purchase; a ceramic toilet brush holder for $4, to replace the tacky plastic thing we've had for years.

Like all Vinnies stores, this one was clean and well set out with good quality stock.

From Springvale we went on to another Vinnies store this time in Clayton.  I didn't buy anything here, but Dian and Lyndel found some goodies I think. 

Next stop was the Salvos in Clayton.  I found three videos that Ken and I will enjoy watching.  They were $1 each, but the kind lady at the checkout was asking all the customers if they had a pension card, and as I did, I got these for 80c each.

At around this stage we decided to have a coffee break and found a nice little cafe in Clayton Road where I chose coffee and French Toast - yum!  We were on our way further afield when Lyndel spotted an opshop that she didn't know about, near a busy intersection.  She pulled up on the side of the road regardless of trucks whizzing past us, and Dian pulled up behind us.  Leaving the cars there (I was worried, but the drivers weren't!) we investigated the fairly new Monash Community Care opshop (19 McDonalds Lane, Mulgrave - off Clayton Road), which was quite large and had lots of great stock at reasonable prices.  I bought a shoulder bag for $1 (the handles had broken on the one I was using; why does this always happen to me when I'm opshopping?), a gorgeous chook casserole dish for $5 and a cute little Beetle Beanie toy for $1 (there was a row of them in the front window, and I suspect they might have been made for the shop as a little fundraiser).  And look at that set of Johnson ware!!  One of the staff showed us some Black Pepper clothes in the back room, all new stock.

At this point, Dian reluctantly said goodbye and headed off home, so Lyndel drove us to our last stop for  the day - the Lions Club opshop in Mt Waverley.  I found a beautiful gravy mug for $12.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Looks like a fun day indeed!

mothertheresa said...

Glad you all had a great day out! (Thanks for photographing the Johnson too, I appreciate it!!) I also really love your chicken casserole dish. I saw one like it a while ago but it was $15 (too much for me) but thought it would be great to store eggs in!

Lyndel said...

great photos Gina, thanks for taking so many and being so diligent in where we went.. my friend asked me and I said.. down springvale road a long way!!

cookiecrumbs said...

Thanks for sharing your day out with us! Great pics and great finds. That chicken casserole is fantastic!