Saturday, 23 February 2013


Hi there! I haven't been opshopping much over the last week or so, but managed to fit in a few opportunistic visits whilst out and about. The cotton bedspread, which is in great condition, was from Vinnies in Coburg. It's a single, but you could use it as a nice throw, or  an extra blanket at the end of a queen bed I reckon. The Johnson was from Savers in Brunswick. I was pretty excited as this was the pattern that we had growing up. I thought mum still had it shoved at the back of the cupboard somewhere, but on my last visit found out that there was only one bread and butter plate being used as a plant saucer :o( It's funny how using this set over the last week has brought back so many memories. I can't get over how much I must have studied this pattern as a kid at the dinnertable! For other Johnson lovers out there (I know you exist!) they also had 4 lunchplates in the paper daisy pattern, and 5 or 6 bowls in the orange colour. They had $3 or $4 dollars on each bowl though which was a bit steep considering I've been able to pick up the brown bowls for about 50c each elsewhere. 


DIAN said...

good to see there are still bargains out there. I feel that since Christmas the shelves in many of the op shops are stocked with good quality goods. Prices depend a lot on the area you shop in.
Thanks for showing us what you have bought.

Mezz said...

oooo i have the same teacup as you! footscray savers, i think!

Dianne said...

Looks like the Johnston set from my childhood too!