Saturday, 9 February 2013

quick hunt around a few local Op shops

 I managed to pop into a few Op shops on Thursday and Friday and found a few good items, most of course will go into my eBay Store, or to the next Antique Fair / Market I manage to do.
First up were these amazing aprons, not one, not two but FIVE lovely check gingham aprons beautifully embroidered.  Love them.
 and at the same shop, in Mt.Waverley,  this lovely 2m+ piece of cotton, don't you just love the bright cheery yellow flowers?
and 3 souvenir Tea Towels, funny thing is each one came from a different Op Shop!  I just sort of collected them on my travel.  the top one is from the Victorian Country Womens Association... I like that one!
I also bought some more vintage knitting patterns and a few balls of wool (like the 2 suitcases full at home are not enough ?)


Gina E. said...

Hi Lyndel! Oooh love the chicken scratch aprons! I have about a dozen in my collection now along with matching table cloths, so I'm not buying any more if I see them. But I can snap them up for you if you'd like some more?
Re your comment on my blog, Tuesdays and Friday afternoons are my only free time these days, so I'd be happy to link up with you on an opshop trawl!

DIAN said...

Great finds, I love the bright and cheery fabric.

mothertheresa said...

The colours are amazing!! Love everything!

Hey Bambini said...

Would LOVE a link to these when you pop them on sale please. Thanks x