Friday, 8 February 2013

Four different trips

(Click image for larger view)

I'll jump straight to...

1 SALVOS Springvale
Six cross stitched napkins and a matching table cloth. Once I've washed and pressed these new ones, I'll be up to a collection of 27 various embroidered, cross stitched or lace crochet edged napkins, and three small table cloths. (I should have taken photos, but I have packed them away so they stay nice and clean for the wedding!) I might end up getting some plain napkins and embroidering them (Although I'm better at both cross stitch and crochet, so we'll see!) I'll stop looking so hard at napkins when I have around the 50 mark. Although I could keep going and sew them together into tablecloths... Hummm....

2 CPS (Children's Protection Society) Rosanna
A large dish (Soup or salad? Could be a server) $4 Stamped James Kent Ltd, and a full plate with a high edge stamped Alfred Meakin. ($3) I don't know much about china makers, but I do think I've heard those names while half paying attention to Antiques Roadshow? I thought maybe I could google them to see how old they were, but I found it pretty hard to find anything other than ebay sellers. Does anyone know if there is a way of finding out that sort of thing?
Oh, and how could I forget the darling little camel? Not a wedding buy, but he might work into the flowers somewhere! He stands under 5cm, and was only a dollar. I think he is brass?
(And I really do insist you try the brownies next door at Miss Maries. They taste so good!)

3 MI Fellowship Kew
The staff in the Mental Illness Fellowship Op Shop were absolutely lovely. It's always so warming to go into a shop where the staff are brilliant advocates for the cause they are volunteering for. The selection was brilliant, too. If only my budget were bigger! I debated over a few items, but in the end, with the help of my friend, settled on this cute set- four pineapple shaped glass bowls, and one large pineapple bowl. It just has so much character! The whole set was $10, and I think it's totally worth it. My fiance is starting to wonder where we will be storing everything!

4 VINNIES Mount Waverley
This book has been on my wish list for a while, so when I saw it, I decided it was meant to be. It was priced at $6, but when I took it to the counter, the lady serving me said she'd make it $5. So it really was meant to be! It's called Simple Times: Crafting for Poor People by Amy Sedaris. Sedaris is a comedian, so her take on crafts involving tin cans and toilet paper might be a giggle. We'll see how it goes! I've seen the book quite well reviewed by respected crafters.

I've not yet had a chance to go to the shops everyone has helped out by mentioning, but I will do soon! I should be saving all my pennies! I'm also thinking I should think of key items that I'm on the hunt for, to prevent me from purchasing things we don't need and cannot afford!


mothertheresa said...

Lovely finds! (and beautifully photographed too) I'm a big fan of the pineapples and also the camel! I'm sure you'll find a spot somewhere for him at the wedding :o) Good luck in your future searches!

Blonde One (Deb) said...

Absolutely love CPS and Mount Waverley, I haven't been to Springvale or Kew so lovely to hear about these ones and the brownies are on the hit list next time we visit Rosanna. Lovely finds really beautiful.

Essendonian said...

You could have a look at my blog in which I feature china, and I also record where to go to research the different makers and patterns.

Corinne said...

Thank you all!

@Essendonian, thank you for linking your blog! It looks like exactly the kind of information I was hoping for! Made my day. :)

DIAN said...

So many special pieces - thanks for sharing. I love the way you have photographed them.