Thursday, 31 January 2013

Salvos Stores sends sustainable love with latest campaign

Salvos Stores launches a new ad campaign promoting sustainable fashion and shopping at the charity retail chain.

On the first of February Salvos Stores launches its new advertising campaign that aims to unite the love of shopping with the love of the charity store chain. The campaign encourages the audience to think ’What do I love about Salvos Stores?’ DIY dream team, Sophie and Dale Vine from renovation super series, The Block, are featured in the television commercial debating about why they love Salvos Stores.

Depicted as quirky cardboard cut-out people, the couple experience an on-screen adventure to Salvos Stores, finding various items that they adore along the way. The advertisement seeks to highlight the personal connection shoppers feel towards Salvos Stores, for the love of sustainability, fashion and vintage finds.
Well known for their quirky vintage style, Sophie said the couple jumped at the opportunity to become Salvos Stores brand ambassadors in September 2012. Being huge advocates for sustainability, it was a perfect fit.

“Shopping second hand is our way of sharing our love with the planet, and your money goes towards communities who need it. Often second-hand items are better quality than some new stuff and it’s a whole lot better for the environment. What’s not to love?” said Sophie.

Accompanying the commercial is a unique online interactive game where users can create their own Salvos Stores room, using a range of second hand items available in stores. Users can share their completed rooms by uploading them to Facebook for a chance to win a $250 Salvos Stores voucher.

Salvos Stores Southern Territory operates over 200 retail stores in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory. Salvos Stores operate as a fully functioning retail business, recycling pre loved goods and relying heavily on the generosity of the public. Overall Salvos Stores operates as a thriving business with the added benefit of contributing positively to the excellent work of The Salvation Army.


DIAN said...

It sounds as though these adds will spread the word a bit more. I love shopping at the salvos and there are so many treasures to be found.

Emma said...

Hi :) Wheres the ad and game? I searched their website and facebook and I couldnt find them.