Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Two tins, one book, countless possibilities!

My love for op-shopping has never been secret, but now that I'm getting married, I've discovered that it's really quite clear, I'm completely smitten.

I'd like to think that even if we had a superfantasticsparkling wedding budget, I would still choose second hand, vintage and tonnes of DIY. It helps, of course, that we don't have that brilliant budget, but instead a tiny one, and by-gosh darn-it, I'm going to make the most beautiful, thoughtful and love-filled event I possibly can! I'm willing to try any DIY, follow just about any tutorial and cook almost anything. (Especially if it is sweet.) The aim is to create a look that people would pay stylists for, only my event stylist is me, and I have brilliant taste!

Never before have I had more excuse to op shop.

{Any recommendations of Eastern/Inner Northern shops would be much appreciated, as I am still learning the gems here. I'm especially keen for shops that have some vintage pieces and craft supplies. Oh, and vases, milkglass anything, garden decorations.... I could go on!}

Today I popped into Vinnies in Mount Waverley and had a quick look, finding three delights! Two old tins (The one on the bottom in the photograph looks to be authentic, the one on the top a repro of that style, but still aged.) They were $3 each. I didn't have to think twice!

I didn't have much of a peruse of the books (If I do I generally take forever!) however this title popped out at me as I was walking past. At first I thought it was fictional, then realised it is a cornucopia of tips, tricks and advice on vintage wardrobe building, fashion and accessories. Certainly a brilliant resource! I'm currently a plus size, so I'm reluctant to try and find a vintage wedding dress (instead keeping an eye out for laces and appliques that I can fashion myself) but with all of the wedding-prep reshaping I will do, (Theoretically!) I might find myself discovering more vintage finds that fit my frame. In the meantime I am happy for the curvy lady clothes I do find! I think it is time to learn more about refashioning and altering clothes. Are there any good references out there? Online or otherwise.

...The book is It's Vintage, Darling! How to be a Clothes Connoisseur. Written by Christa Weil. (Have a look at her blog, its quite op-shoppy!) She has also authored a book called Secondhand Chic.

I'll leave you with a quote from my new-old paper purchase:

I am forever changing the buttons on my clothes, usually for the same reason that I correct a drawing or shift colours around in my paintings: it sharpens the total effect and creates harmony. 

Jim Dine American artist


DIAN said...

Corrinne, I love those tins and the fact that you are going to have a diy, op shoppy wedding. I can recommend the RSPCA op shops in Burwood. Cnr Burwood road and Middleborough road at the back of the shops if you know what I mean. they have two shops side by side. Lots of vintage table ware, linen etc. Take a look.

I Love To Op Shop said...

Oh how exciting! If you are on Pinterest I have a few boards for thrity DIY type wedding things as my sister marries in September and we've been sharing ideas for a while.
Good luck on your hunting, I'm SE Melb based so can't help with op shops in your area.

Lyndel said...

oh if you want to see a brilliant ex-Opshop, crafty wedding check out this blog

great Op Shopping in Ashburton, there are 3 shops in the main shopping strip, Vinnies, Salvoa and the fabulour Ashy Community Services Op shop on the corner of Welfare Parade., and the Baptist Op Shop further up High St near Warrigal Road Ashburton

cookiecrumbs said...

Great finds. If you're looking for refashion tips online, start with Refashion Co-op. Lots of clever girls from all over the world sharing their refashion ideas, tutorials etc.

dsquared said...

Hi Corinne - you HAVE to come to Malvern - there are op shops galore in the top part of Glenferrie Road. There's a big Vinnies, a Salvos, an MS one and the adorably quaint little mecwa (Malvern East Citizens Welfare Association) on Wattletree Road near the corner of Glenferrie, to name a few. That's all within 300 metres of each other. YAY!

Corinne said...

Thank you all for your helpful comments! I'm super excited to check out the op shops you've recommended, and the blogs and pinterest boards, too!

I'm always happy to try new shops outside of my area- little trips to explore new places are always made much more delightful where there are op shops involved!

I'll keep you posted with my future finds! Thank you again for your help!